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Cadmium Bromite
Indium(III) Selenide  (In2Se3)
Chemical Formula: GeO2 
CAS Number: 1310-53-8
Molecular Weight: 104.6388
EC Number: N/A


Purity Available in  99.99%, 99.999%
Shape and particle size Available in powder
Packaging It is packed with Dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag.
Refractive index N/A
Density 4.228 g/cm3
Melting point 1115 °C
Boiling point N/A

Germanium oxide (GeO2), alternatively known as germanium dioxide, germania, or germanium(IV) oxide, is a white solid inorganic compound. As pure germanium reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere, it is found as a passivation layer on pure germanium and acts as the primary source of germanium in commercial applications. When refining zinc ores, germanium oxide is collected as a byproduct. 


Germanium oxide is, like pure germanium and many other germanium compounds, notable primarily for its optical properties and the electrical properties of its compounds.

Optics. Germanium dioxide features a refractive index of 1.7 and optical dispersion proeprties which make it of commercial interest in the production of fibre-optics, wide-angle lenses, and other specialty glasses. It’s also notable for its IR-transparency, making it of additional value in producing IR windows, IR lenses, night vision equipment, and IR cameras.

Chemistry. Germanium oxide is frequently used as a source for germanium in advanced germanium compounds as alloys, including phosphors, semiconductors, plastics, and more.

Algae growth. Germanium dioxide, when added to algaculture operations, acts to inhibit unwanted diatom growth in cultures. Germanium dioxide is absorbed in place of silicon in these contaminants, slowing their growth relative to the target algae.

AHP Materials offers germanium oxide at 99.999% purity as part of our standard catalog. Alternative purities and preparations may be available through custom orders; contact us to learn more.

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