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Cadmium Bromite
Indium(III) Selenide  (In2Se3)
Chemical Formula: Ga
CAS Number: 7440-55-3
Molecular Weight: 69.7
EC Number: N/A


Purity Available in  99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%
Shape and particle size Available in powder, ingo, bar
Packaging It is packed with Dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag.
Refractive index N/A
Density 5.91 g/cm3
Melting point 29.76 °C
Boiling point 2400 °C

Gallium metal

Gallium metal (Ga) is the elemental form of gallium, a silvery-blue metal most notable for its melt point only slightly above room temperature and its electrical properties.


Over 98% of gallium goes to the production of semiconductors, with the remaining 2% of production splitting across a number of varied industries.

  • Semiconductors. Extremely high purity elemental gallium is a critical component in the production of semiconductors. From gallium metal, manufacturers derive gallium arsenide and gallium nitride, which go on to applications in integrated circuits. 95% of all gallium is used to produce gallium arsenide for these purposes.
  • Low-melt alloys. Outside of its applications in semiconductors, gallium is noted for its easy alloying with other metals to create low-melting alloys. Most commercially notable of these is galinstan, an alloy composed of gallium, indium, and tin, which is used as an alternative to mercury in medical thermometers.
  • Medicine. Similar to its use in medical thermometers, gallium alloys may become a common replacement for mercury in dental amalgams. Beyond that, gallium metal is used in biomedical imaging and for its iron-like interaction with the body.
  • Neutrino detection. Pure gallium also has applications in neutrino detection—the single largest accumulation of pure gallium in the world is likely a neutrino telescope in Baskan Neutrino Observatory in Russia.

AHP Materials offers gallium metal and various gallium compounds at very high purities. Contact us today to learn more.

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