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Cadmium Bromite
Indium(III) Selenide  (In2Se3)
Chemical Formula: GaCl3
CAS Number: 13450-90-3
Molecular Weight: 176.073
EC Number: N/A


Purity Available in  99.99%, 99.999%
Shape and particle size Available in powder
Packaging It is packed with Dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag.
Refractive index N/A
Density 3.69 g/cm3
Melting point 121.50°C
Boiling point 278.80 °C

Gallium chloride (GaCl3), also known as gallium trichloride or gallium(III) chloride, is a colorless solid which dissolves easily in most solvents. Gallium trichloride is generally produced in one of two ways:

  • Preparation of heated gallium and chlorine followed by sublimation under vacuum
  • Heating gallium oxide with thionyl chloride


The vast majority of gallium trichloride is used in the production of more commercially valuable gallium products.

  • Gallium chemistry. Gallium trichloride is a trihalide Lewis acid, the most widely used of the gallium trihalides. GaCl3 is extensively used in the production of precursor materials for advanced chemical compounds, including tri-methyl gallium and other organometallic compounds. It’s considered a key component in organogallium chemistry for this reason. 
  • Neutrino detection. Outside of its applications in organogallium chemistry and other chemical production, gallium chloride is used in academics as a material for solar neutrino detection. To do so, researches collected 110 tons of aqueous gallium chloride solution, then measured the decay of germanium-71 which resulted from the interaction of gallium-71 isotopes in the solution with neutrinos.

AHP Materials offers gallium trichloride at 99.999% and 99.9999% purities as part of our standard product catalog. To ask about other preparations of GaCl3, or to inquire about materials not listed on our catalog, contact us today for a custom order.

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