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Aluminum Sulfide ( Al2S3 )

Product Information

Chemical Formula: Al2S3
CAS Number: 1302-81-4
Molecular Weight: 150.158
EC Number:



Purity Available in 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%
Shape and particle size Available in powder
Packaging It is packed with Dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag.
Refractive index N/A
Density 2.02g/cm3
Melting point N/A
Boiling point N/A

Aluminum sulfide, also known as aluminium sulphide, is a compound of aluminum and sulfur with the formula Al2S3. A colorless or gray solid with an exceptional sensitivity to moisture, aluminum sulfide is not to be confused with the more widely used aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3. Exposed to the atmosphere or other sources of moisture, aluminum sulfide will hydrolize into aluminum hydroxides and hydrogen sulfide gas. This makes careful storage and handling a priority.


Many of the most interesting applications of aluminum sulfide remain in the early research phases, with many researchers eager to explore its value in aluminum-sulfur energy story. 

  • Energy storage. A subject of research in the production of aluminum-sulfur batteries, a potentially superior alternative to lithium batteries.
  • Photovoltaics. Like several similar metal sulfides, aluminum sulfide may be of value for its photovoltaic properties at smaller scales.
  • Catalysis. Useful for its reactivity in producing several commercially or academically valuable compounds.
  • Aluminum source. Moderately water and acid soluble source for aluminum.

AHP Materials offers 99.999% pure aluminum sulfide as a standard part of our catalog. Specific forms of Al2S3 or formulations with different purities may be available by request as a custom order; contact us today for additional information.

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